Updates to Ooms Master Plan
Updates to Ooms Master Plan

Updates to Ooms Master Plan

The Columbia Land Conservancy is grateful for everyone who took the time to come to an event, write comments, and weigh in on the draft master plan. All of the community feedback has been compiled. You can view a graphic of the summarized feedback below. This represents feedback compiled from those who attended an in-person event October 6, a Zoom event October 27, and sent in numerous written comments and letters. 

What changes have been made from the draft plan as originally presented?

CLC worked with Dirtworks to incorporate several changes in response to organizational priorities and community feedback.
These include:

  • Prioritizing a re-design of the parking lot 
  • Creating a smaller boardwalk that does not encircle the entirety of Sutherland Pond
  • Shifting infrastructure closer to the main parking lot 
  • Considering a bird observation tower on the boardwalk
  • Re-imagining feature seating options

When will all of this work happen?

CLC will be pursuing a phased approach to implement this project. Specific timing will depend on funding from grants and private donors. 

Phase I: 2023

  • Grading the parking lot and addressing the potholes at the entrance
  • Replacing the boardwalk in its existing footprint
  • Working with local farmers on cows grazing fields (not adjacent to existing trails or grassland bird habitat) and installing bee boxes
  • Replacing aging benches and picnic tables with new, ADA-accessible structures (CLC hopes to work with students at Questar to build these structures)
  • Installing feature seating

Phase II: 2024-2026

  • Redesigning the existing parking lot layout for better flow and visibility
  • Improve trail from parking lot to boardwalk for increased accessibility 
  • Expand existing boardwalk along Rock City Road to bypass wettest section of property
  • Address wettest sections of trails along northern edge of Sutherland Pond
  • Install rock block kayak access

Phase 3

  • Install feature seating
  • Install amphitheater